Friday, 30 April 2010

GLASGOW vs. BRISTOL - 3 - 0 to Glasgow!

One of the most interesting and feared matches for Glasgow so far, when we found out we were up against ‘Inkie’ ‘Andy Council’ and ‘Cheo’ you would of thought the Glasgow team would have been well prepared with sketches/concepts an compositions against these talented adversaries … No…we were not!

Artist ‘Elph’ nearly not making night at all (being on a holiday caravan trip past week! thinking battle was the original date Thursday 29 still) and artist ‘Rekor’ being stuck working on his workshop with his gallery Recoat an it didn’t help with me being the promoter still flyering clubs/bars/colleges/art school as well as carrying and nailing the 8x4ft boards for the battle beforehand! So within minuets of the battle starting the Bristol team had clearly rehearsed in their heads with what they were doing, solid lines where straight up, within moments, Inkie had his girl up wowing the crowd. Where our team, were waffling about scratching our heads getting an idea down!

30mins in, we started to add our solid lines up with a concept decided on too, we were still behind. It’s safe to say we were all touching cloth!

Eventually after an extremely fast 90min, we finished! Leaving last bit of text till last ‘Living in the Shadow of Banksy’ with a huge gorilla built rat casting a shadow on the Bristol artists fleeing and Bristol doing what seemed like a positive pro Scotland piece which I only got round to realising the next day when I became sober!!

Our judges ‘Daro’ from Monster-color paint and legendary old school Scotland graffiti artist ‘Gaz Mac’ both going for Glasgow, with one controversial judge vote stating they would of went for Bristol if it was just Inkie. Glasgow won the crowd vote by 10decibels. Giving us 3points!

Big shout out and thanks to the Bristol Artists for an amazing battle, Spectrum Dj’s, B- Tone for dropping a heavy bassy sick set during the battle and throughout the night. Convoi Exceptional with their amazing blends of live singing of Hip Hop/Electro. Camera guy Colin Wood! Carrie and her Camera Crew too, Photographer ‘Mateusz Sleczka’ the Host Bob and everyone who help out with PR also our sponsors and finally Golder who was my human ladder from the crowd to reach the high spots!

Next battle For Glasgow ‘MAY 14thBRISTOL ROUND 2!

See ya there!

Conzo – Glasgow Team

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