Saturday, 29 May 2010

A few hours to go..

MALMÖ vs WARSAW count down!

The Polish team has arrived (we think.. no-one has seen them!?). The venue has gone through a very extreme makeover. The Malmö team wants blood. The sun is shining.
YES tonight is gunna be MASSIVE!


Being part of Secret Wars is all champagne, fast cars, fast art and glamour..

..and a tiny bit of hard work. See you tonight!

Thursday, 27 May 2010


n unofficial update on the Bristol vs. Glasgow game, images are ll from phone will be hi-res full shots from the Bristol team eventually to have a gander at.

Our team (Glasgow) decided to skip the flights and just drive down to Bristol so we could stop for some krispy kremes on the way!

After we checked in it was straight to battle at the 'Start the Bus' venue.

It was a tense and sweaty battle, the Bristol gents went big and bold and fast, covering the whole wall nicely with funny Glasgow disses.

Our team decided to do something a bit different than the usual take a diss at a stereotype of that country or City which has always been the main ammunition for Secret Wars. We played on the fact that the Bristol team at the time had been bet by every team and only had 2 points, and made this into a representation with balloons, each with 1 point on them and how they were being given out to every other team besides Bristol. So we have an Inkie ladyboy with a boob job using up their only 2 points for himself, leaving his baby team all in a pram taking a fit and crying wanting some too.

In the end, the Bristol team won 2 -1 and earned and deserved the points.

And Inkie! what happened to our free booze eh? ;)