Monday, 20 September 2010


Legend Joe and his tiki Hut Building skills
1st ever B.Y.O.P party (PINEAPPLE for anyone who don't get it)

At last got chance to get round to updating the epic battle that took place in Glasgow on September the 4th at the Glasgow Clutha Vaults!

The Birmingham team have updated their blog (Group 2) with flicks of the night as our photographer was a no show and with it being so packed it was next to impossible to realise this till next day...but no worries! Our film crew captured it on film on the night.

First of all allot of respect and huge shout out has to go out to the Glasgow Secret Wars team member 'Vues' who was the main influence and man who really helped make this epic party happen with it being his venue and amazing contacts (sorry again big man for not enough coverage of you being on the vid... too busy turning the chicken on the BBQ!) Don't want to get into thanking its a huge list!and there is always someone who accidentally gets missed out or name misspelt.. Check vid credits for the shout outs!

The night was epic, allot of blood, sweat and pineapple juice went into making this night happen, truly the best party to happen in Glasgow this Summer. Besides the fresh and good upbeat vibe from the party, the Artists all round put on a great show with impressive art on both sides and both teams played beautifully on how our team Glasgow realised it was the end for us!

With team Glasgow stating 'Game Over' with our team mates all crying and giving Brum pulled out an hilarious concept based on a helicopter search that happened the previous night before involving someone jumping into the Clyde (not that that particular incident is funny of course!) all in all, with everyone so hyped and for most people who most likely couldn't hear me (conzo) with my scarecrow choking on a curly wurly shouting voice ( due to law, amplified sound was not aloud outdoors in beer garden..we couldn't get hold of Megaphone we were promised on the night) the final score was 2:1 to Glasgow... but regardless..Brum team had more points overall so went through into the Semi Finals!

Cheers for a quality battle Brum!

Big thanks to everyone and Secret Wars fam and fans.... till next year we will be dabbing our markers waiting to fight again.


p.s any one who got good flicks of the nights..please pass on link!