Sunday, 28 February 2010



Well as you will now know, the Swedes came over and took a win for the night with 2 judges votes leaving the Scots with the crowd vote. The surprise kept secret 3 way of all girls against boys by the swedes created a truely entertaining night! So no hard feelings..but merely hard revenge next time!

Before the event, the Glasgow team managed to get permission to paint a 60ft ad outside Sub Club (which is dead centre of Glasgow!) which turned out beautiful, so thanks to our Glasgow Spectrum boys for hooking us up to SubClub and Ricky our Joiner for doing a great job.

The build up to the Glasgow vs. Malmo match was not the only element, mother nature was clearly on the binge in a hen night, causing snowstorms throughout scotland, messing up public transport and horrible cold nipple shattering gusts with the added pinch of freezing rain. So big BIG thanks to all the crowd that battled the odds and made it out crambing the Sub Club!

Next up is our Away game to Warsaw!

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Conzo - Glasgow Team

Saturday, 27 February 2010

TEAM MALMÖ - The inside view, Round 1

Yeeeaah Secret Wars is back!

With the only Euro League squad to boast a 50% female crew we decided early to use it as a surprise weapon.. S.I.C, Pistolina & Camilla were all picked to kick off Team Malmö's 2010 campaign against the macho-graff-tough guy-scots in Glasgow.

Big doodling at the Smutsiga Södern studio..

After meeting up a few days in advance and preparing a bad azz battle piece the team was all set. Awkward journey with change of flights in London...and we catch up with team captain Markus as they roll into Glasgow:

"First thing we saw of the city was the immense mural Team Glasgow had created outside the venue - very impressive! Took a while to find the hotel Secret Wars HQ had booked for us.. What happened to the Hilton?!

Quick meal, some finger stretching+artist yoga and then it was straight to the Sub Club. Perfect venue for Secret Wars - low ceiling and great atmosphere. The crowd was already getting into it as we said hello to our opponents backstage. Conzo handed us our pens, introduced us on the mic and then it was straight into action!

The Scottish team went all out from the start painting three big characters inside the first 20 min. Our girls aren't exactly known for their speed, but kept calm and worked the lines with precision. Halfway through the Glaswegians seemed to have the upper hand but as Team Malmö's piece started to come together during the last half hour it was clear it was going to the wire. With 20 min to go it was time to give one of the main characters a speech bubble, but in the middle of all the tension there was a spelling error!? No panic though as it was inventively saved with some extra !!!'s.

With just minutes left on the clock it was clear both teams would struggle to be finished on time. Crazy speed-painting with the mini-rollers ensued! As the countdown was about to begin both teams prepared their final punchlines...Team Glasgow wrote "Revenge is Swede" at the top referring to vikings conquering Britain once up on a time...and Team Malmö replied with "Skirts are for Girls!".

We scored a honourable 104 at the decibel count, but the home side got a massive 114! We could see people in the crowd already celebrating the win as the first judge stepped up...Team Malmö! Yeah! 1-1 and parts of the audience showed their disapproval. And then judge number two...another vote for MALMÖ!!! The stunned crowd clapped politely as the ever gracious Team Glasgow congratulated us...2-1 to Malmöööööö!!!"

Great starting off with an away win, we now look forward to Team Bristol visiting on the 27th March.
One month to go!

(More Glasgow vs. Malmö pics from Jakub here!)

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Invading your artspace this spring...

The Bristol All Star Death Squad:


Featuring over 100 years worth of bad-ass artistic talent for the city that brought you Banksy...
Watch this space.

Nuff said!

Monday, 8 February 2010


Please welcome Team Warsaw - a new face among the SW competitors. This will be Warsaw’s first clash with Secret Wars so we prepared a team of world recognized artists for your viewing pleasure. Swanski, Zbiok, Sepeusz, Mrufig, Talkseek and Tempo will serve you a unique blend of eastern flavours and styles. What happens when you put a painter next to a talented bomber and give them both markers? Come and see for yourselves...