Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Bristol vs Warsaw battle recap

Below you can find a short recap of the Bristol event that took place on February 24th.
That was the first ever Secret Wars battle for Poland, so we didn’t really know what to expect. Half curious, half hungry for blood and a massive party, we arrived in Bristol super exhausted after a long drive from London. First battle ever and already an away game - ”great” - this was occuping our minds. We felt the pressure.

Zbiok and Sepeusz led by captain Swanski with some other fellow Poles were definetely a minority at the venue. We knew that Inkie and his team had plenty of battle experience so we had to use some radical methods to boost peformance. Google “Vodka zoladkowa gorzka” for hints.
So, we went all out making fun of Bristol and its most famous artist Mr.B, stud parties invading Polish cities in the Summer and all things provincial that come to mind when you think ‘Bristol’.

After intense 90 minutes of drawing, no one knew what to expect as the final verdict. We, and we’re not going to lie to you, were 100% certain of loosing to Bristol. Not that we didn’t like our drawing. To the contrary. It was a masterpiece. But they were AT HOME!

The juges voted 1 for Bristol and 1 for Warsaw. So it was up to the crowd to point the finger and choose the winner. To our suprise, Bristol’s own crowd aprreciated our bitter humor and hunger for old school battle disses. The locals, mostly Mr. Inkie, didn’t accept the verdict. The heat was on. The away judge from Asia was in fact accused of being a Warsaw local. We were threathened to have our hotel burnt.

Anyways, the victory helped us gain confidence for the next battle on March 27th, here, in Warsaw. Bristol, you feel your pain but you know that was just a shy sampler of our capabilities. Get ready to feel the pain again, here in Warsaw.

As for Scotland, Conzo, we are waiting for you.

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